Welding on thicknesses from 0.4 - 4 mm:

IA) Carbon and alloy steels
IIA) Stainless Steels
IIB) Precipitation hardening stainless steels
IIIA) Nickel-based steels and alloys
IIIB) Precipitation hardening nickel-based alloys
IV) Aluminum

Micro-spot welding on filter elements or in preparation for brazing operations using a vacuum furnace

Manual torch brazing (Oxyacetylene welding)


N. REG. AH017094


N. CIWT/IT/100023A


Metodo VT liv. 2 sec. UNI EN ISO 9712


Qualified personnel according to our main customers and according to AWS D17.1
Welding process certified both by NADCAP and by AvioAero and GE Avio customers